About Us

About Me

Nothing special.  Not a witch.  Don't practice magic.  Mom, wife, full time job, love to travel, and try new things.  Reader, writer, drinker, shopper.  Work with spirits/entities, magical items, tarots, etc.

What these are

These are spirits/entities that I've found, some bought from reputable spirit sellers, the rest from various places.  They have expressed interest in being rehomed.  I have too many, and they want to work with those who need their assistance.

What these are not

They are not miracle workers.  Some may be able to "poof, there you go," but most will not.  I have several very powerful djinn, one that is more powerful than any I have ever heard of...and he still forces me to earn the maturity of growth (grrr).  No million dollars will drop from the sky, no miraculous healing, no full on physically flinging your enemies around.  They all have different areas of expertise, some do almost everything, but they all want respect.  If you want incredulous instant gratification, look elsewhere.  Most of these guys don't play games, and neither do I.