This page covers spirits/entities that won't be listed in the shop because they are not open to just anyone to buy.  For whatever reason, a spirit/entity may require an inquiry to see if you are the right person.    They reserve the right to say yes or no.


Family of Black Dragons

Pinky-size sterling silver and amethyst ring

This is a family of five black dragons.  Mom, dad, and three babies.  They ARE living entities and willing to be bound to this vessel.  

They are looking for a keeper who has a family, but not many other spirits in their keep.  They will provide protection, wealth, and magical opportunities.

They were bound before and abused.  I know many people don't believe spirits/entities can be abused, and if you're one - fuck off.  I'm not kidding.  I've encountered many who have point blank said they had been abused.  Forced into a binding, forced to perform against their wishes, loved ones held against them.

This family was able to break the bonding and run.  They have agreed to this binding because they can break it if they need to, it will prevent them from being pulled back, and they know they will not be abused here. 

They will not tolerate abuse, neglect, or disrespect.  They are fiercely protective of their babies.  Since they are living entities, the babies will grow.  Maybe in time, they will desire to go off on their own, but right now, and for the foreseeable future, they are a package deal.  They must stay together.  

The price is set at $1300.  Is it negotiable?  Depends on if they are willing to go to you.  You must contact me to find out.  There is no buy button.


Single Female Werewolf

This vessel holds a single female werewolf.  She is small and thin.  She was very abused during her living life, and has been hiding since her death.  

She would like a small werewolf pack with those who would welcome her, an all female werewolf pack.  She needs a gentle hand and to be taught how to be a werewolf again.

Her vessel is a sturdy gold-toned crab-apple pin.  I think it suits her, a prickly choice to be a hedge of protection around her.

The price is at $1500.  

Again, if you are the right person, this might be negotiable.


Black-Horned Unicorn

  Oval Laboradite pendant with ss looped ends – BA. Male. Unicorn. Solid white except the horn is black. The gold in unicorns usually represent their goodness, but this guy has a black horn. And while magic in and of itself is neutral, depending on the intentions of the user, his magic is all black.

He is an exact opposite of a regular unicorn. While unicorns heal, he does revenge. Unicorns bring wealth through positive and white light methods, his gets it at any means possible. He can’t help it. He was born this way. He can try to do things through white light endeavors, but his magic is just black.

And this is even worse, the karma falls on him, not you. So if a selfish keeper, knowing that they won’t suffer karmic backlash, can have him grant wishes or use his magic, asking for something that would cause a karmic backlash, he would suffer it. If someone were to get him, they would need to be careful of their words, closing loopholes and consider the consequences that will fall on him.

With that said, I’m putting him in the exclusives page.

He does do protection like a regular unicorn. He is a living entity that moves between a different realm and earth. This means there is a great chance his keeper will see him.